Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Chipping away

Chipping away is what I’m doing today. That last blog entry must have been more out of character than I thought because I’ve gotten a ton of emails from friends, family and training buds. I didn’t mean to come across as negative Joe but the world of no noise is one that you have to get used to. I seemed to hit the bottom yesterday and when I went home I was completely exhausted. Serious, it took everything I had to get through the day. But I did it didn’t I?!

This morning I attended my first staff meeting and even though I didn’t get all of the discussion it was good to be in there and follow what I could. By the end of the meeting I knew what the new policies and procedures where going to be. I did it all without sound. I’m counting down the moments until I get to get this packing stuff taken out of my ear! I keep thinking I am hearing certain sounds and getting excited! One of the things that is unusual is the consistent hum. It sounds like an air conditioner running all the time. It’s not loud at all.

Also I hope to get my bike release on Thursday! I almost feel like a little kid…. Please please, I’ll never ask for anything else again as long as I live. HA! I know I’ll have to take it easy and do recovery type rides but still just to be able to get out there and ride will do me wonders!

You know that new bike I bought? Well I’ve had plenty of well meaning friends offer to ride it while I’m off. HA! You have to understand my buds. If I were to crash they would ask if the bike was ok?! Ya gotta love ‘em.

Did I tell you about the banana pudding? Oh man! Talk about timing! Sunday night I was surprised with a bowl of banana pudding from Janice and Terry Williams. My teeth were hurting from the swallowing and it just plain was a pest to eat but this was soft and sugary goodness! If you go to the Symphony Designer House this year and see the name Terry Williams… yep, he is guy I’m talking about. He is also the guy that got me into this home remodeling project. Awesome designer and he and Janice are the nicest folks in the world. I ALWAYS laugh when I’m around them. Thanks guys!

All for the kids!

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Wes said...

You did tell your buds, in case your bike ever needs to be exercised and you are unable, that I've already been accepted for that position. Didn't you?