Thursday, April 26, 2007

He looked at me with evil red eyes and took it!

He looked at me with evil red eyes and took it. He did I tell ya! I just stood there wondering what on earth just happened? Am I having a nightmare? Pitch yourself. It all happened in an instant but then again it was in slow motion. I just stood then in awe. Really I did. I just stood there.

I broke the cleat on my shoe!!!! UGH!!!!!!!

I looked forward to the ride since about 10:30 this morning. I thought about the ride. I planned the ride then that nasty foul breath Grinch broke my cleat and I couldn't clip into the pedal to ride.

Just as I was about to push off I saw the club ride by. Smooth as a pro team could ever be. I was behind the car off to the side parking lot about a mile or so from the start point. Just after they went by I started to clip in and noticed I couldn't clip. I tired everything and finally click and I'm in but something is really off center here. I try to unclip. Nope, not gonna happen. Try and try and try and finally pop and it's off. I mean completely off. The cleat is broken and part of it is still on the pedal. Awww man!

Back in the car I go and drive back to the house.

Ok, now the nice part of the story... as I got out of the car I could smell someone cooking out. Yes-izzz, it's us! Well, my wife. Grilled chicken is on the menu tonight and that made this ole boy feel a lot better!

Well kids, there's always tomorrow! I hear voices telling me "Ahh young grasshopper, one must learn to be flexible." I just lean back and look at the wise one and say, "Yeah, man, ain't that the truth?!"
******BONUS CLIP******* DELETED SCENE********
Here's a blurry on purpose shot of the back of my ear. Look close, the incision really goes all the way down the back of my ear. Ewwww! HA!

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Wes said...

Thanks, Geo! I'm glad I ate dinner before reading your blog ;-)