Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sonic BOOM, Mr . President, and I rode!

That title got ya didn't it? Here, I'll break it out for you...

Sonic Boom: Mary Martha who is my hearing aid and audiology guru wanted me to try what is called a "Boomer" hearing aid in my deaf ear while my other ear was healing. Said it might not work at all but then I may pick up some sound like a car or something. I stopped by and Mary was out and Patti and Nan worked on the set up. First aid was nothing so Nan went to get a kicker boomer. With the first I could feel the vibes bouncing off my ear drum and that is a sign that is loud. It really makes you dizzy. So we plug in the second on and BOOM!!!!! It was knee jerk effect. Serious. It hurt so bad that I jumped and my knee banged under the table. No sound but oh man could I feel it. I told them that was wilder than Space Mountian. Thanks but no thanks friends!

Mr. President: Ok, we have a lot of celebs that come to the hospital and most come and go and the staff, for the most part, don't even know it. Well that happened to me yesterday. Angel One (Yep, my Transport heros) went to Mexico to get a little boy that needed a heart transplant. It was all over the news the day I had surgery. So I go across the street to the main lobby to Java City and there were all these people coming towards me. I didn't really think a lot about it because sometimes we have kids with very large family support groups so it's not unusal. I walked through the doors as they were walking out, said the customary ACH Hello, how are you... and proceeded to get my order from Java. I noticed that Sonya and the others from Java kept looking over at the doors at all the people on the sidewalk and whispering. No big deal. I walk back over to my office and get my afternoon work done. Ok, so here I am sitting on a Saturday morning drinking coffee and watching a little of a local morning news show and what do I see??? A film clip from the front of the hospital and those people... Oh gosh!! Geo, note to yourself... be aware of the people in your surroundings. I walked right by President Vincent Fox and the First Lady of Mexico. I was sitting there with my mouth open in awe that I would do that. You know it's just one of those things when a "star" is in a different setting you just don't recongize them. They had come to the hospital while he was in town for a speaking engagment to visit the little Mexican boy.

I rode: Yes, I did! I rode a solo ride along the river trail on the north side a time and a half. It felt so good! Weather was back to normal and the state soccer tourney was going on so people everywhere. A lot of folks having picnics along the river banks. The ride felt good and it was nice to wake the legs up after a week and a half off. I'll be back out there tomorrow and ride a little longer and try to ride a little all week and get back in the groove.

Fun weekend so far!

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Wes said...

Was it not a beautiful weekend, especially to ride? I had my race, then this morning, it was even more beautiful than yesterday. I really enjoyed my ride. I'm glad you got to go out too. Be careful, and enjoy. Every day is one less day to wait.