Monday, April 09, 2007

Fr-Fr-Fr-Freeezing cotton tails

Almost every blog and journal I read today during lunch was slamming the weekend weather. There are several journals I’m reading by cyclist riding the Southern Tier route from CA to Savannah, GA. Yep, they are mostly in TX right now and talking about the cold and wind. I feel sorry for them but it’s about to warm back up!

As for myself, yep, I was cranky too. I did ride both Saturday and Sunday afternoons but didn’t get anywhere near the time in the saddle I should have. I actually had on full winter riding gear on Saturday and pushed slowly through the wind. Of course I got to loop around and had fantastic tailwind too.

Sunday, I went to Easter services then to spend time with the family then out to ride. I kept holding out wishing for warmer temps but didn’t seem to get there. I told myself it was a little warmer and took the sleeves off the jacket and wore regular half fingered gloves. Nope… I rode a couple of miles, signed and returned to the car. Too cold for this gear. I put the sleeves back on, put full fingered gloves on, skull cap and shoe covers. Uh-uh… yep, full winter riding gear for day #2.

I was leaving the river, which I shamefully drove to, and spotted a couple of my club and one was on the side of the rode. I circled back to be sure they were fine and it was Jenny and Patrick. Screaming fast club riders. Everything was fine and we chatted a moment and they asked when do they get to see the new bike? Like a rock star getting out of the back of a limo, I rolled down the back window for them to look in. OHHHH… AHHHHH… sweet! Made me feel good to get thumbs up from them! Patrick is like racing god. They asked if I had been riding and fessed up to “yep, if you want to call it that”. I told them I rode but I was just not there today mentally. The cold just defeated me.

Since the after work temp should be maybe 60, I plan to ride the neighborhood. Plenty of hills to work on.

On another note… have you guys seen Discovery Channels Planet Earth? Man, what video! I’m hooked!

Warm veni latte’s to everyone!

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