Saturday, April 14, 2007


Kids and Photoshop.... Thanks Tyler!
Yep, I'm still on cloud 9 about having Energizer as a sponsor! It's going to be a lot of fun!
Ok, I did what I said I would and moved the spin bike to the den. I rented School for Scoundreals. It's a hoot. Cheer on the underdogs! I rode during the entire movie 16-18mph. It was the light bulb going on in my head. This is how to watch a movie and not feel guilty. Sometimes when I sit and watch TV it seems I feel guilty because there are so many other things I could be during, like training.
This has nothing to do with anything but my soapbox... have you noticed how many times this week that famous Imus quote has been used. Not by the guy himself but by eveyone else. I mean come on media and groups... if it's so offensive (and I agree it was) then stop saying in. Every press interview has whoever I upset about it saying it half a dozen times throughout their interviews. Ok, I said my side.
Emmy is at ACT testing today, Terri is at day 2 of Women of Faith. 9 thousand women at Alltel Arena. Bet the mall is empty today! HA! I'm hoping to get to see Tyler's new house today!

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