Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Geo, Governor Beebe's office is on the line for you.

"Yes ma'am?"
"Governor Beebe's Office is on the line."
(Laughing)"You're messed up!"
"I'm uh really serious, they are on the line."
(I'm thinking of picking up the line and saying "Yo baby!" but ditch the idea at the final second....)
"Hello, this is George"
"Mr. Cobb?"
"The is Governor Beebe's office..."

She goes on to tell me that I have been asked to serve on the Governor's Advisory Board for Newborn Hearing & Screening.

I forget to breath...

The phone call ends and I'm sitting in my office in shock. Did this really just happen?
Stop what you're doing and live the moment I tell myself. I can't relive the moment because it was surreal and I don't remember it.

Life these days is just magical! It is a true honor to be asked something that I feel so strongly about.

It's all for the kids!


Wes said...

And the "Geo" Wave keeps getting bigger, pulling all that is good an excellent in the world along with it ;-)

Rodney Olsen said...

Did you have your head together enough at the time to say yes? :)

Geo said...

Rodney, I think I babbled something that sound like a yes... I think!