Thursday, July 10, 2008

Boyz night out

So Terri at convention, Em babysitting and yes Tyler and I hit the movie after work! I had a health screening last week and part of it for getting 'er done by July 18th was a 10 dollar Rave movie card. So Tyler and I both wanted to see Wanted and we did. Yes, it's rated R and yes they say some bad things and there is a couple of very racy scenes but if you can get past that... it is an AWESOME fun movie! Tyler's bosses son was in Chicago and helped a bit on the movie. It's a nerd turns Jame Bond movie.

There was a sound in the movie theater and I kept thinking, "What is wrong with my hearing aid?! No it's my CI! No it's neither! It's really a cricket talking very loud in the room! It was crazy. After the movie Ty thought he was going to have to leave it got so loud. It was a CI moment... in a good & bad way.

Tomorrow is Friday... life is good so get up and dance! Come on everyone!!!

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Jennifer said...

GEO!! I just saw your smiling face on the Advanced Bionics blogger page! Welcome to the AB blogger family! :) They picked a good one! :)