Sunday, July 27, 2008

One HOT pig!

I was one hot pig and not h-o-t as in Paris Hilton saying it.... no hot as in on the side of the road watching the buzzards circling sort of hot!

Ok in all serious... it really was not that bad. The first half of the Tour de Oink had trees for shade so it as very do-able. The part just past Adkins and my favorite 4H rest stop... well that's when the road turns to that chip and seal type road. Yes, that kind that makes you have religious moments.

My strategy worked very well. I told myself do not gun it from the start and blow all the energy on the first half hills. Save it for the fields. I've been to this ride 3 times and that field always gets me. Usually headwind. One year myself and JBar blew out on the field. He was talking about rolling at 12mph. That guy hasn't rolled that slow since he was an infant rolling over.

As usual the ones that shot out of the cannon were really feeling the love by about Adkins. I left the tunes off until I knew I was going to need a mental pick-me-up and that worked too. I put my head down and just watched the road for a while with the tunes playing. At times when no one was around I was just happy as a loon riding my bike through the country singing my songs. Life just wasn't getting much better.

It was funny how I remember different things during the ride. I remembered, Oh yeah, I'm about to pass a beauty shop that's out in the middle of no where. Or I remember there is a place along the side of the field where the river runs along and there is a big pile of old toilets. It was just funny stuff like that.

I rolled into town and went through the finish. I propped my bike up against the wall and got a piece of watermelon. then headed to the car. I was due in Benton to hang out with Dad for the afternoon. He's doing really good by the way. Thanks for the kind emails you guys! I appreciate you!

Here's the strange thing about the ride... I didn't know a single person. I spotted a lady I've seen on the river trail but other than that... no one. That was the strangest feeling. I did jump in on a couple of small groups but they seemed to be fast then really slow then fast again. Folks would fly past me then go 5 mph on top of the hill so I would end up passing them then they would blow past me again.

All in all... I had a good solid ride. I'm happy.

Normally I get a Monday ride in but we'll have to wait and see about tomorrow... they are calling for 102 degrees. It might just be a sub to bridge and back and that's it.

Life is good.... even if the bacon is burning.

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