Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday PM quick hit

Good ride this afternoon. Parked under the I-30 bridge in the shade! I headed out and was riding a nice 20mph and a guy I've not seen before came riding up we said howdy and he rode on. Yes, rode on with me going 20. I was planning on Ft Roots and he had turned too. I kept him on my scope then when I turned the 2nd switch back and looked up he was gone! I kid you not! The kid must have eaten the section from switch back to switch back for a late afternoon snack. He had on a red & white kit that had the words CAPPO on it. Whoever you are... man you're good!

I rode through the soccer area and boy, it's a big tourney coming. It's the US kids national! It's going to be a hot hot one for those players.

My dad fell backwards the other day which he never does... he stumbles forward some but never a flat out backwards fall. He hit a small decorative table and broke it. Also bruised his hip really bad but thank goodness it's not broke! Seems like we seniors break a hip then it's a long journey to any recovery. He can't put weight on it so we are taking turns being at the house. My turn is the next 2 Saturdays. My sister urged me to go to my Oink ride Saturday and then come afterwards so that's my plan. Next Saturday I will just go on down in the morning and stay all day. There are plenty of chores I can do down there anyway.

Yes, I've been watching the tour off and on... I still have fingers crossed for Cadel Evans.

Oh get this... someone killed a guy and dumped him on the I-30 river bridge at 3:45 this morning. Not off the bridge but on it. They never said if anyone ran over the body. Man, that's ike something from a movie.

Life is good... as long as it's in the shade.


Wes said...

Sorry to hear about your Dad, Geo! But yea, that's good news on the hip. I just managed to catch my first glimpse of the tour last night. Arriving late to the game, as usual ;-)

jo said...

Hey Geo! How was the Oinker today? I know one thing: it was hot enough to fry up some bacon out there today! Hope ya had a good ride!

Are you going to start a blog for your upcoming ride (that I can't wait for!)?