Thursday, July 10, 2008

Workin' for the weekend!

Workin' for the weekend! Love that song... still!

There are several rides up for grabs for the weekend! There is Miss Vick's Century which is a fun ride through the country. It's also a great mix of folks. Starts Saturday morning at 7 over at Willow Park.

There is a dandy 60 miler heading out from the sub about 7. These folks are building up for the ride over in Texas (Hotter than Hell 100 in August). Been there done that and almost dies out in the middle of no where! It was record high temps that year and was 100 degrees by 11 that morning.

Sunday has the Lolli-POP. This is one of the funnest rides around! Everyones best pal Robb heads up this puppy and you get to climb a mountain. Since it's on Sunday and it's my month to do media at church services I have to pass. Bummer! I could use the training so bad. It's also a "no drop" ride so that means you aren't left out along some country road all hot and sweating while the bears and panthers and wolves stalk you. The end of the ride goes into a lake. Oh but let me tell you about the end of the ride... you turn off of the smooth road on to this grainy paved road. It's just enough to mess with you mentally but the road seems to go on forever! Many of us have had "Come to Jesus" moments there at the end. Yes, it's crazy insane. But then Robb has this great saying... The faster you pedal the sooner the pain stops.

I ordered a CD for the land downunder. It's a great band called Compliments of Gus. They aren't on ITunes yet but said they should be there in about a month. Ok, guess what the price of a CD is when the currency changes from US dollars to AUS? 24.95!!! Yikes. Makes me miss my 9.99 ITune CD downloads. But hey, they are a new band and I enjoy the tunes. I had actually heard them while listening to Rodney Olsen on Sonshine 95 over in AUS. He played the tune and they have it set up where you can click on the band that is playing or had just played and get website info and such. I emailed o the contact us link and within minutes I got a reply. Holy smokes... it was one of the band. He even sent me "Your Eyes" tune with his email. Thanks Jared!

Terri is at convention this week and Em is babysitting so I'm meeting Tyler over at his office and we're going to see Wanted and then grab some food afterwards. Nice to have an adult son to do stuff like this with. Since he is a video motion graphics pro he will probably talk all the way through the flick telling me how they did all the effects. HA!

We got one of those hot afternoon thunder storms that kicked the lights out in several downtown areas this afternoon. It's going to feel like the Amazon when I leave in a moment.

Life is good...even when you can't figure out what ride to do!


Iron Maiden said...

Ahhh! The good ol' "Lollipop Ride". AKA the "Holy Mary Mother of God, is that Jesus standing at the top of the hill calling me home" Ride. The chip and seal road feels so nice on your rump roast after hours of delightful riding. Forget HHH100! This ride's more fun than throwing yourself on a pile of fire ants!

Geo said...

AMEN sista! Tell it like it tiz!