Saturday, July 19, 2008

Thanks DWonn

DWonn is an Ironman... a local guy.. big heart, big smile, everyone loves him.
So why am I thanking him? Because he is a great POSITIVE influence.
He had a little trouble on his last Ironman and I read where someone made a comment something like, "All that training and then this happens. Got to be disappointed." You know what his answer was? "Not at all. I got in great shape and trained with some outstanding people and made a lot of new friends" Ok, it's not a quote but it is the idea and it was something like that. He says, and this is a quote, "All rides are good!"

There is one other piece I picked up from him. He was training and once sent out an email about, "I will not be drafting today. It's an all effort ride." I've used that the passed two Saturday's now. Oh trust me I draft with the best of them and why not but if you are going to train then it needs to be you either doing the pulling for the group or grabbing a solo ride. David has me thinking different these days.

Thanks David... I appreciate you!

I got in a 42 miler today and it was a good ride! I rode the river then out to the farmlands and tried to get lost so I would have to ride until I found my way back. It's a way to make myself ride more miles. Crazy, I know! I didn't stop until I got back around the bike rental shop. It was a continuous effort ride until that. After I stopped for a moment I started heading back to the car at the soccer fields in Burns Park but suddenly I turned and found myself climbing Ft Roots. It wasn't a fast climb or my best by any means but it was a good climb after the farmlands.

By the time I got back to the car it was around 10 and man oh man were there a LOT of people on the trail. Lots of bikes...lots! I waved and said howdy to folks along the way. It's funny how when my friends put on helmets and shades they all look alike.

The rest of the day was spent out in the heat working on my house. My grass is growing! We cut that tree down in the front and the wave petunias have gone insane... growing everywhere and really looking nice. I go over to the lock and dam and get unwashed river sand and pour it lightly in my yard and the grass loves it! Free sand! But don't get it for your kids sandbox like I did years and years ago. It's so fine that you never get it all off the kiddos.

Got a couple of new tunes added to my training Ipod play list... Green Grass and High Tides by the Outlaws. I loved this song in high school and it's still a great tune.

Life is good,,, hey it's the weekend!


Iron Maiden said...

I agree! D'Wonn rocks! But so do you, buddy! I will never forget that you rode with me on my first official event - 25 miles of the Jasper Disaster and it was colder than a houndog's pecker in December. Thank you for your true friendship!

Yale D. Funk said...

Yep, Right On! He is a great guy, an expert Tri-Guy and he shares his passion. We are lucky to have him!

Yale D.
Ps You too GEO!

jo said...

Oh, Dwonn....yea, you know, I really don't like him much.