Monday, July 28, 2008

Busy Monday

It's been a busy day both at the office and home.

It was just too hot to ride this afternoon. News was saying 103. I did some indoor chores and washed the pooch outside. She acts all uppity after her bath and drying. Serious, you can tell she feels a lot better.

I got my new CD in the mail today. It is Compliments of Gus CD titled "If this is end". It's really good! I had to order it from Australia because they're not on ITunes yet but suspect them to be before long. There is a song called "Rain Down" that is awesome! I'll be listening to it a lot. I found this band listening to Sonshine 95 which is Rodney Olsen who rides and is a DJ for their morning show.

Finding all these folks were completely by accident. I listen to Rodney at night here which is the NEXT morning there. It's really a good station. Sort of like K-Love is here but to me a LOT better mix.

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