Saturday, July 12, 2008

Training and Echo Conference

Rolled out this morning but too late to catch most of the group rides. I spotted a training ride for the BDB 100 I think that was grouping up about the time I rode past the sub. There was the River City 5K finishing up and what a crowd! That run seems to get bigger every year.

I knew I really wanted to return to the farmlands so I did... solo. I have been experimenting with this New Zealand drink called Honet Juice. I got a couple free samples and tried it out a few evenings ago. Jimmy-the-cricket! When the ride was finished my legs felt fine. Here I was with sweat stinging my eyes and so much dried on my sunglasses and I had repeated Ft Root 4 times and rode the trail and I still felt this good? Gimme another hit! I will be the first to say that I will have to cut it with some juice our something. It's a tad strong but boy did it rock!

Back to the solo ride. As I was heading out I spotted the Hotter than Hell training ride coming back in. They had a nice group. Then there were small groups of 4-5 riders coming in. I just cranked it out and was thrilled to look down and see 20mph almost every time.

Coming back in I had some headwind but just dropped down on the bars and kept it going. I felt stronger today than almost any ride this year. It's great to be back out there!

When the ride came to a complete stop... I was over by the dog park. The first thing I noticed was the ski dock out in the middle of the competitive water ski park. Man did I ever want to go dive in and swim out to it but swimming is not allowed in this part of the Arkansas River.

Spent the rest of the day working around the house. I get to play chef tonight in our kitchen!
Now ya start with a stick of budd-ah...

Hey I'm all registered for the Echo Conference ( in Dallas! I'm really getting excited about this! Some of the best worship media and marketing people in the country are going to be speaking or conducting breakouts and labs. I had planned to fly but by the time I go to the airport, wait the customary 2 hours, fly an hour, spend 30 minutes trying to get off, another 30-45 minutes renting a car, finding the car then finding the hotel... shoot I could have driven and been there by then. There is a Watermark studio tour as part of the pre-conference perks. I love Watermarks media. The afternoon has Media Shout lab which I will probably go to. I use Easy Worship but hear a lot of good things about Media Shout. Lunch and Dinner are both part of the package. Then at 7 one of my favorites will speak... Mark Batterson. I've been a lurking to his blog for almost a year now. Other guys I can't wait to see are Phil Cooke, Tim Stevens and Cameron Ware! Check out Cameron's church! It's mind blowing fantastic!! Cameron is to me the greatest in church visual worship graphics.

Life is good... especially with a thundershower so I don't have to turn on the sprinklers!

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Wes said...

I've heard some interesting things about that Hornet Juice!! Chef Geo! eh? LOL!!! Luv it!!