Sunday, July 13, 2008

Climbing( gasp) up(gasp) Batesville( gasp) Pike (gasp)

OK, I confess, I day dreamed in church. It was just one of those Sundays. Pouring down rain and where I sit in the crows nest the rain is just above my head and good ole CI picks up that sound really well... even turned all the way down! Oh y'all don't act like it's never happened to you. HA!

We grabbed a quick bite at Applebee's then home. Terri is in post-convention mod so that means be quite and don't mess with her nap. I've learned over the years. See wives, can teach husbands a few things. I know I know dear... don't put that stoneware thing-a-ma-gig in the dishwasher... I'm learning.

So after an hour my food seemed settled and I headed out. Batesville Pike here I come! It was Sunday afternoon "we need to go to WalMart" time on the back road but as usual folks were very good to me. As busy as that one stretch is they have always been good drivers.

I tried to save all the energy I could for the climb but I do have a climb to get there as well. But then this is my hood so either to are climbing or coasting... that's the city of Sherwood and North Little Rock. HA!

When I stood to climb my chain slipped a couple of times but I figured the problem and was able to correct while riding. It's always so funny when people pass me climbing back there. If there is a passenger they will almost always turn completely around to see if they really saw someone riding a bike up that hill. I was so glad there was no headwind climbing today. Seems there always is and there have been times it almost made me get off and push.... usually in the early spring. You know, those gusty 25mph winds.

You know how I talk about when my heart rate is up and I seem to hear better? Boy, was I hearing on that ride! Whoa!

I've got to fine something that will keep the sweat out of my eyes!! I don't really want to wear a headband but I may have to.

I read my emails late this afternoon and found out I missed the "Plan B" for the PoP ride that was scheduled this morning. I could have rode with my buds and ate afterwards. I'm missing the guy pretty bad this days. But I keep telling myself, I'm training good on these hills and it will help me to ride much better when I do get to ride with those juvenile delinquents. Oh heck yeah, they are all younger than me. Serious I think there are only a couple that are older.

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