Friday, July 18, 2008

Great ride

Just a quick hit... It's Friday!!

Had a great ride after work yesterday. I got over to the sub then headed over and ended up with FGSG group. I really had planned to work on hills as a solo but decided at the last minute to ride on over to their start point. Got to see several of the old school. It was great to see JBar back out there and staying with the fast group even after being off the bike for a few. Jen Shaw was there as well as her fast as lightening husband Chris. Jen leaves today for RAGBAI (not sure if I said that right). It's called "rag-by". It's the big multi day ride across Iowa. It's also a big fundraiser for Liverstrong.

I sat on the back of the group (as usual...ha!) and even wasn't the last one up Ft Roots. After we came down the fast group has already circled the parking lot and was heading out. I broke off at that point and headed back to the car... so I thought. I ended up riding back to Ft Roots to climb some more. I can really tell the difference when I ride with the Ipod going. I really climb better with the music distraction... then the battery died. Bummer! All I could hear after that was my heavy breathing... sounded like an prank phone call.

Yes I am riding early tomorrow. I'm thinking from the house down North Hills then River Trail then the back way buy Camp Robinson to the house. Everyone will be riding early tomorrow due to the heat.

Life is good... even in the heat.

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