Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday AM quick hit

Busy and hot day here in the rock! No dogs will chase any cyclist today.

Favorite quote I read this morning:
That stuff is slippery-er than greased moose poop

Richard Machycek (owns Arkansas Cycling and Fitness) was interviewed by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette in April about the effect that river flooding can have on biking.

Plan to grab a ride after work today over on the river... sub to Cook's to 'round Burns to Ft Ruts to car... anything left then I'll ride along the river a bit more. Ahh, just remembered there is a huge soccer tourney in Burn's... may change course.

Heading to Morrilton Saturday for the Tour de Oink. It's a fun 40 miler through country and rolling hills. The deal is... Saturday is supposed to be a triple digit day. Got a couple of notable climbs nothing big but climbs none the less.

Life is good... in the shade.

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