Saturday, July 05, 2008

Training my wheels off!

Now that life has settled down a moment for me I got in some good riding! I headed out July 4th morning and had a great ride. Well after I stopped acting a fool and fixed my bike while riding. I do the dumbest things sometime. My front brake was a tad too tight so it was like riding with my brake on for 7 miles. Actually, it was good that I did that since it made for a more intense training session and man after I release the brake I was moving along good. It was like turned from headwind to a strong tailwind.

On the way back I just was having too good of a time and turned opposite from where my car was and took one like hill. I rode the backside of Burn's. I was not attacking the hill at all and had my tunes playing in one ear and listening for cars in the other. I kept thinking I was hearing a clicking noise. Sure enough a couple of Carve riders smoked my tuna on the climb. I busted out laughing when they passed. Now here's the nice part... I caught up with them at the top of the hill and it was one of the guys who work at the crit races, Chris S. He has something to do with video but I've never asked him what he does or who he works for. He is a really nice guy. Always friendly. Super rider. As I got to the top of the hill I saw a group down a little way but never saw them catch up. I'm sure they had been hammering it out there and were taking it easy. These guys don't know what slow means!

Back over to the river and it was wall to wall people. Everyone out having a good time for the 4th.

This morning I headed out about 7:30 and enjoyed another great ride. Legs were not tight like I expected so I give them a run at it. I did some repeats of Ft Roots and some sprint drills. My first climb up Roots was pathetic! I was gasping for air at a stinking 6mph in places. Wha?! The next 2 climbs were much better! I got a thumbs up from a rider who I passed going down as he was climbing then as he was coming down I was climbing back up again and it was a nice little perk.

I wanted to head out west and ride but I'm being a real snot with my gas these days. That's sad.

Well, I'm excited to have time tomorrow to go out and ride yet again! I keep thinking... farmlands! But then I feel like I need the climbing work to get my legs back.

I'm doing better on my eating, thanks to Chris! You are an inspiration my man! A real inspiration! Terri did pick up some homemade cookies from the Farmers Market today by the Amish. We found them last year. I did eat one so I have to work that nasty thing off tomorrow.

Hey the Tour de France started today! Oh yeah! I whole month of bike racing on TV everyday!

Life is good... even with a cookie in my mouth!

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