Saturday, July 22, 2006

Ladies and gentleman, Yale Funk has taken over my blog...

What a fun ride! Yale did a write up and sent it to the group wth these photo's so here's the low down on our club ride this morning. Thanks Yale, these are great photos except for the ones of the fat kid with the ACH jersey on.

Oh I accidentally loaded the photos in reverse order. The photos start with the end of the ride.

JBar, Geo, Jen Shaw, and Paul Britt
Happy campers at the end of the ride.

Wayne was pretty dang excited about it too!

Jen was out riding with us today for the first time in a while. Hubby (ShawDawg) was in Fayetteville.

Mark, Paul, JBar, Fat Geo and Keith. When I lose a bunch of weight I'm going to use this as my fat picture.

Oh gawd ya'll, ya been married now a week, lay off all the smoochie poochie stuff.

The whole crew about to head out.

Jo and Monty stylin' in their ABC kits

John and Jo

Mark and Geo

Wayne, Monty and Jen

See they were all lovey dovey even before the ride started. Oh yeah and they were late! (Wink wink)
2006-07-22 1st HH100 Training Ride
Have you ever woke up and felt like you shouldn't get out of bed...
We had a total of four flats before the ride even got started. By 10am, we had fought a hellacious head wind, had a crash, another flat and had a grand total of 25 miles. We decided at this pace we might be in by dark so we cut the ride down to just fifty-five miles to make it in by noon.
We have found a new superstar in Mr. Paul Bentley. He had a heck pull into those winds and you could hear Jennifer behind him telling him how bad we needed him at Hotter N Hell. Paul, you might as well pack your bags. She doesn't give up easy!
A special thanks to Mr. Monte Cole (President of BACA) for riding with Fast Girls & Slow Guys. He had a nice pull himself.
Also, if you didn't make this ride you missed the best rest stop of the year. Paul & Candice Wright (Wayne's sister & brother-n-law) showed up with ice cold drinks, watermelon, grapes, oranges, bananas, pickles, & Famous Amos cookies. Plus, they let us draft behind the Ford Expedition at 30 plus miles per hour. Now that was fun!
Robb, you're up next on 7/30th Sunday morning at 8am for Hotter N Hell training...see you there!
Thanks a bunch,
Yale D. Funk

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