Sunday, July 23, 2006

There did it go? How did I make it?

Hey, I meant to tell y'all that my mother in law came to town Friday afternoon but not without bringing gifts. And what do inlaws bring when they like at the beach? Fresh seafood! Last night for dinner we had crab cakes made with fresh crap that my brother in law and neice caught. We also have huge fresh shrimp. I ate way too much and tossed and turned all night but man was it worth it. I found a freezer bag full of shrimp in the fridge and homemade cocktail sauce and had some for lunch today. My mom in law also made her key lime pie and let me tell you no one makes a better one than her. It's out of this world and the cool thing is that she taught Terri the secrets yesterday afternoon.

After lunch I went out in the garage to fix my weedeater except it has a flywheel that I can't get off so I'll take it to the shop and hope to get it back by fall.

But while I was out in the garage I moved my bike and front tire was completly flat!? It was fine when I rode yesterday and rode home from the ride. I looked more closely to find a big crunk of my tire missing! How on earth did I get home from the ride? It must have happened just seconds before I got to the driveway. Also yesterday afternoon when I rolled the bike from the front porch into the garage I don't rmemeber it being flat. This is beyond me! I pulled out the folded tire that I had bought last summer for my tour and I opened it up and am letting it form a little before putting it on. I was planning to get new tires before HH100 anyway. After last years Ride the Roses diaster (3 flats) I will never ride a long ride out of town on "seasoned" tires. I have gotten a little over 3K out of that tire so not bad.

If I ride today it will be at sundown due to working with the church this afternoon doing the homeless cookout. Thank goodness it cooled off because I really thought I was going to be working outside at the cookout in the innercity in 105 degree heat.

Oh yeah... how about our man Floyd!!!!!!! Way to go PHONAK!! (Yes, friends, I've had coffee so no Lloyd's today) HA

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