Tuesday, July 25, 2006

While y'all were out ridin'

The city officials are doing a deer count in town. This bike was seen on the river trail at sundown.

Honey, that ain't no water hose, that's my bike! Very cool huh?

Yep, either a stunt gone wrong and the rider washed down stream or it's a stolen and trashed bike.

Chris and Jenn Shaw's clothesline. Friends you know I'm not lying!

I picked up some new replacement cleats for my shoes during lunch today and of course it couldn't be something easy. There was a 6 car pile up on I-630. Folks just standing around in the interest just after it happened. After I got my cleats I headed back down and right into the traffic jam. 20 minutes snailing through traffic.

Ok the truth is I spent some time reading blogs from UK, Aussie and some I didn't even know what the words were and I stoled all these photos.

I found another website called www.wreckedexotics.com and it's all really nice cars that have been wrecked. Sort of like watching Spike TV. Manhood at it finest! HA! Funny story: I was half typing and half watching TV and typed in exotics rather than wrecked exotics and boy oh boy.... wrong site...

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