Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I kid you not!

I kid you not... the day is a little over half over and I'm so ill and plan to get even ill-er.

Meeting this morning -- "Geo, I brought dounuts!"
(I ate 2 chocolate ones --- but but but I got a flu shot then too. I needed comfort food!)

After meeting -- "Geo, I'm going to Java City... come on!"
(I go to Java City and gets a medium latte)

A bit later -- "Geo there were dounuts left over so I brought them up. They're over there on the counter."
(Thank goodness... no chocolate ones left -- I passed)

10:30a.m. --- Time to go over and judge a chili cookoff for one of my departments.
(I sampled 5 different ones -- 4 little samples and a big one -- ever had BBQ chili --- good stuff!)

!0:32 a.m. -- Ok, maybe a little later -- I find out I also am a judge for the desserts.
(Cheesecake won hands down! It was my daughters boyfriend (or whatever he is this week)stepmoms cake. She works at ACH).

11:00 a.m. Given a Thank You gift for judging. Bag of Orange lifesavers and box of Whoppers. Both are downfalls for me.

Noon: Open the box of Whoppers

Noon -o- two: Shaking the box wondering where they all are... tummy reminds me.

1:33pm -- I need a coke... be right back!

**************Later that day****************************

I know, y'all want me to say I barfed! I didn't...

Ok, so at 1:33 I got up to go get the coke but never made it.

2PM -- "Geo, come on it's October birthday's in the conference room!"
(I'm thinking, they're joking right? So I have my piece of birthday cake)

2:30pm -- I opened my bottom drawer for a form and there looking at me with evil brown eyes are a box of Whoopers that I was given earlier for judging the chili cookoff. I released a primal scream and eat them! Ok, maybe not the primal scream part.

Dinner: Terri made Weight Watcher taco soup. I eat it to ward off the evil hunger spirits but she also made cornbread that was like cake... ohhh cake! I had 3 slices. No shame at all!

8PM a juice size glass of chocolate milk.... ok I have to have chocolate milk at night. I've done this for 500 years now.

Well tomorrow will be a better day... (I'm thinking all the left over Halloween candy!)


Wes said...

Getting a little head start on the ole holiday belly? Better get out there on that bike! Dark or not!!!

Geo said...

Awww Wes, I knew you would show up! I heard you were baking cakes at midnight for DeeDee and you are talking smack about my day?! HA!