Monday, October 22, 2007

Close to 2 months then the wheels began to turn again

It's been close to 2 months since I've written in bloggness. Folks have really asked me to write again. People really think this stuff is interesting?

Well awww righty then, let's kick off this show!

Let's see, I gave up my bike riding for 40 days for a church issue. Ok ok, giving up the blog was a part of it too. Have you ever done this 40 Day deal. Man, I'm telling ya, it's playing a real game and it will stap you ragged. I will admit, I rode my bike 1 day for a ride I signed up for a long time ago but I only rode half and felt guilty for doing that. It's sitting in the same place I put it that day after the ride. It's right by the door in our garage so it begs me every day. I hope what they say about "it's just like rding a bike, you don't forget." If that's not true then keep checking back and I'll post bloddy crash pics.

I have hair now! Serious! I have hair on my legs which I've not had in a couple of years. I have a lot of hair on my head now. It is inching over my collar back there now. I'm doing it for 2 reasons. One and the real reason is for the cochlear implant I'll be getting the Wednesday after Thanksgiving. I was given the opition to move it back 2 weeks and have it done right here. It's going to be a hoot because I recruit the surgery staff and now they're going to see me in a pediatric backless OR gown. I was told I had to wear Batman underwear like all of our other patients. My favorite nurse said she preferred Superman. I think they are going to mess with me something bad! Oh well, y'all know me... make 'em smile and the world is a happier place. The other reason my hair is growing out is some weird midlife crisis I'm going through.

Oh, I meant to ask... y'alll ever look at photo blogs? They are the bomb! I love looking at weekend warrior photographers work. There are some awesome folks out there. Go over to flick'r and type in anything you want in the search. I've only run across one that had nude photos but it warned me before it opened that it would be partly nude, so you have time to exit out of that... yes, I exited out... geesh! I have used a couple of photos I've found for slides during church services. I just send an email for permission to use one time. Most are very excited you use their work. It's a free compared to stock photos. There is also a guy that walks along the river with a camera a lot and I found his work. Type in North Little Rock and you'll find it. Awesome stuff! You can also type in any event and someone has photos posted.

OK... that's a taste of what's to come... thanks for reading friends and family!


Melissa Halford said...

Yea your back! I've missed your blogs and glad you are back in the saddle. Hope your life isn't having to blessed chaos mine is righ now! had a HOT PINK cast now! Sassy huh?

Annette said...

Good to have you back!! I found your blog quite a while ago and really enjoyed reading it.