Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ok, so anyway...

Ok so anyway....

Rain for couple of days then a teaser of sunshine then a cold drizzly day. But in reality it was a beautiful day! Trust me on this one!

Last night I was checking over the heating system in our house and I sneezed from the dust. Silence. Everything became very quite and the only sound was way off in that barrel effect sound. I gasped and then told myself to pull it together. I was as nervous as I could ever be. I became sick at my stomach at the thought that my hearing had just bottomed out. Think positive my man, think positive. It's not what you think, it's not what you think, it's not what you think... Hearing aid out, drops in, throw yourself into your work. I closed my eyes to sleep a few hours later wondering what the world world be like tomorrow.

I got up and went about my routine and kept putting off the hearing aid longer and longer. I had to go to work but first had to hear Emmy's voice before she left for DC today. Flipped the switch and bottom of the barrel sounding.... but it was a little better. I could hear enough to wish her a fun time and to tell the Bush's hello for us.

On the way t work I popped my ears over and over. It really is what you are supposed to do with ear problems (unless it's post surgery). With each pop it allows a tad bit of fluid out. I logged in at the office and tried to play cool. Who am i fooling? I stopped, headed out the back door and straight to my safe zone... Audiology. On of my favorite heros looked at it and smiled.

Geo, what's it been doing outside for the past few days?


And what happens to our hearing aid when it gets wet?

It croaks.

That's what happened.

But I didn't get it wet.

Didn't have to. There is so much mositure in the air it's getting in through the door where the battery is.

Are you serious?

(Warm smile) Yes. Come on, let's fix it up.

Flipped the switch and ta-da!!!

I told them the sound of the aid was different than when I workout/ride and it gets wet.


Let's see what else... today is the official end of the 40 Days. Of course it's raining so I can't ride (which I gave up for 40 days) but my tail will be on the river trail for a "Hello legs, remember me?" ride. I have gained way too much weight during this but it was a good thing. If you haven't tried one of those bibical 40 days without something ... try it but be forewarned, it can make you insane but it gives you a clear picture of a lot of things.

Man this house it quite without Emmy the cell phone queen. She did make it to DC and has a beautiful hotel with a great view. They were about to go hang out and see the nation's capitol city. It was funny listening to Terri talk about them at the airport. "Oh yeah, it was fine but Pam had to check in her gun..." At least my daughter's Washington baodyguard "carries" HA!

Well, y'all stay dry out there and I'll right some more soon...

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Wes said...

Welcome back, Geo! Yea, watch that humid air :-)