Monday, February 18, 2008

Getting a little antsy

I'm starting to get a little antsy these days. I dressed out for spin class and noticed after Juli (spin instructor) tried her very best to kill us all that it was still daylight outside and it was 6:15! I was happy as a loon! I checked email and noticed a few friends got spring fever and ducked out of their offices to grab an afternoon ride. But at least I got in a spin class today. Stu, one of the new instructors is heading over to Tulsa for his spin certification and then he will jump on board the "let's kill the students" wagon. Rance, my first coach, was tough on spins then we lucked out and had Melissa and she was easy on us most of the time. Now we have Juli and she runs the spin class like she runs the boot camp class she teaches just before the spin class. But even though she is trying to whip us she is still by far the best spin coach I've had. Always motivating the class to take it up a level when she drills us with sprints.

Not a lot of CI stuff going on right now. I still love the way it sounds in spin classes because the music is so loud and my hearing aid picks up part and the CI picks up part so I get a really nice stereo effect. I just hope I don't fry the things from sweating like I do in spins.

I haven't looked at the weather for tomorrow but I'm thinking a quick after work ride would be nice. I can get dressed in my office and to the start point by 5 and on the bike by 5:15 and the ride down and back will hit right at 45 minutes if the wind doesn't blow headways. Tuesday nights are usually big nights on the river once the weather and daylight are good.

Oh we have our reservations for Florida vacation! The whole family, almost, is going! I hope I can take the bike and get some early morning rides in before traffic picks up. I'll have to wait and see if the bike fits or not.

Man, life is so good these days... really it is!


Wes said...

Good luck getting that ride in! It won't be long now before Spring comes a knockin!!

Abbie said...

You know what you might want to invest in, the sweat sock :) I can't tell you how many times that has saved my hearing aid. I'm ordering one in x-large :)