Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The morning after

A sad day around Arkansas. The tornados really did a number about 30 minutes north of here. As daylight broke is was one of those things you sit and look at the TV wondering if this really happened. A few minutes ago we heard that one of the employee just found out a family member had been killed last night. Last I heard it was 13 passed away in last nights storms.

On the strange but positive side I did have a stormy CI moment last night. I had not heard the howl of the wind coming from far away nor the thunder from far off in a long time. I stood on our front porch... it's the Arkansas thing to do... they say tornado and everyone goes to the front porch to listen for the train. Anyway, I really did go out there but we didn't have tornado warnings at the time. I could heard a howl and just sort of stood there like a curious puppy. I could HEAR the wind but not feel it. Very bizarre! Then a moment later I felt it! I love this CI!

When the wall came it was like a 2 minute hurricane. Winds topped 67 mph according to TV. Our lights went out for a moment and it was really funny because Emmy was acting all excited and I said yep, I want to hear that same excitment when they are still off 24 hours from now. Then I walked to the restroom to get a candle and lighter and wasn't thinking about the lights being off and I reached up and flipped on the lights and they all came back on. We all just laughed.

Oh, my pal Brandon and his wife Hannah had a baby boy. Ben arrived and the family looks great in all the photos. If you've read my blog for long you know Brandon is a great guy and super cyclist. His whole family is a super group of folks.

My heart goes out to everyone who lost family and possions last night.

Life is sort of good...


Wes said...

A tragedy for the entire south last night, Geo. I live in tornado alley (Georgia style). I feel for those folks and their families...

Jennifer said...

Geo, last night I was afraid to go to sleep...hate the I put a new battery in the CI before going to sleep. The wind actually woke me up a few times...and we had the TV on (quietly), so for me to hear it over the TV and for it to wake me up was really cool.
I don't usually wear it when I sleep...I'm afraid it will fall off and I'll lose it...but last night I made the rare exception.
Tennessee was hit hard too...but thankfully, Middle Tennessee was spared...we didn't lose so much as a tree limb here, and none of our porch furniture blew away, which is what usually happens during the really windy storms. is good...I'm grateful we're all safe! :)

Abbie said...

My prayers are going out for those that were affected by this :( I thank god that you guys are okay!