Tuesday, February 05, 2008


In Arkansas it's now being called Super Cell Tuesday. Tornados are at this moment touching down in several places. I-40 has CLOSED due to the overturned trucks and cars. Several cities and town have been hit. It hit one of the hospitals. Terri came back here and said it will be over and passing us in 45 minutes. Never have I wanted time to pass quick. I love the thrill of a tornado but hate what it does. Several people have been killed. More later.

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Jennifer said...

I hate it when you post about bad weather on your blog...because that means it's coming my way!! Sure enough, tornado warnings are already in effect in in Western TN...and tornado watches are headed this way...ugh :( I 'm glad you and your family are safe!!
Don'tcha just love Tornado Alley? Argh...