Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fall Training

I got two good rides in this weekend and still had lots of family time and yard time. I don't know, it all just clicked.

I started a real diet last week and stuck with it all the way until Friday lunch! I got to take the weekend off from it but only once did I train wreck. Tomorrow is not going to be so hard to get back on it because I know I can do it now. Besides, junk food now makes my tummy flip! Oh trust me I know.

Saturday morning I got up and ate these packaged chocolate chip mini muffins and a juice glass of milk. My tummy slapped the snot out of me and told me not to abuse him ever again. When did he tell me this... a few minutes into my ride. Tummy settled down but he was not a happy camper there for a few. Speaking of upset tummy's... what was Saturday in the runners world? I saw 2 different folks tossing their cookies on the side of the trail. One guy I had seen earlier doing an all out run... I mean the sort of run if bees are chasing you. We had our friend the wind on Saturday morning too. By the time I finished my arms hurt but it was from being so tense from staying upright during those cross wind blast.

Saturday night Terri made an awesome dinner then I worked a little more on Sunday media. I was really done but had those, "Let's tidy this art up a little". Well guess what? I changed the WHOLE format of the announcements into multiple mini commercials. Tyler had helped me download a piece of software for video's and I got hooked and I turned a PowerPoint announcement set into a video with all sorts of motions and graphics. It was something that I had been wanting to to for a long time... raise the bar! We had Christmas lights blinking, fall leaves blowing across the screen. I really wanted a dancing turkey but couldn't find what I had in mind.

Sunday I just loaded the "commercial" in and let it play (after I checked it on screen first). Woot Woot! It worked!

After church we had lunch and I headed over to Sport Clips for a head buzzing. I really thought it was be empty but oh no... Sunday after lunch is prime time to get a haircut. I had to wait 30 minutes and there were 2 families who came in after me. One had 3 boys and the other had 4 boys. Guys were coming in and seeing all the kids who were about to get cuts and left. They knew it would be an hour. Man, I love short hair!

I got home and headed out for the afternoon ride. Lots of families on the river trail today so I jumped off every chance I could get. It was a great ride and I did lots of climbing. Going up Ft Roots was just dandy! My legs seemed to have said, "Hello there climbing legs". As I was heading back to the car I was behind (not drafting) a mountain biker. I realized it was Peter Beland, a local really fast rider and he was cranking it out on the mnt bike too. I just locked in and stayed with him to the car. It was one of those beautiful fall afternoons that when you get back to the car and you look at the sun shining through the last of the leaves , breath in big and sigh in total happiness!

It's just been a great weekend all the way around!

Life is good... when you just let it happen!

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