Saturday, November 01, 2008

Game on! The clock has started!

Well kids today was start day! Six months from today we'll be finished with the Gears for Ears 24 hour bike ride for Arkansas Children's Hospital. 6 fast months!

Today's schedule had ride 50-70 miles. I got 53 miles in. Got up this morning and let the pup out and the deck was wet.... rain wet. Oh no, not the first day. But come t find out it was just a pop up shower. I waited for the roads to become semi dry in front of the house then headed out. The closer I got to the river the driver is was. In fact, it didn't even rain on North Hills. I could have been out an hour ago. Oh well, too nice of a day to pout. I headed out to the farmlands since the plan is to "work on your base miles for now". Just as I was about to turn toward the farmlands a large group of Carve riders were coming in. They were riding strong, as usual! I hope that in a few months I can get out there and hang with them again.

On the way back I stopped at Scott and finally turned on the tunes. I was enjoying the morning so much I wasn't bored and needing tunes. I love the smell of the farmlands. Oh funny story, I was riding along and just watching the road in front of me and I could hear a tractor. I looked up and lo and behold it was a giant combine coming at me. I had plenty of road on my side so no worries. Me and the farmer gave a howdy wave.

While I was at Scott I looked behind the building because there was a drive that I thought went back there. For the first time in the years I've been riding out there I noticed the river was right behind the building! I couldn't believe I had missed this beautiful place all this time.

I switched on the tunes and headed on in to North Little Rock. Made it home and got my prize.... a juice glass of chocolate milk. That was one of the things I had to fess up to was my love of chocolate so every time I put in a good effort for 30 or over miles I get a juice glass of chocolate milk as a recovery drink! I was icey cold and tail wagging good!

Well rest time is over and I have a lot of things to get done this weekend!

Life is good... when you chase it with a glass of chocolate milk!

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Wes said...

Geo! Gears for Ears sounds like such a blast. You are going to rock it!! Thanks for all of your support on this Iron journey!!

p.s. Chocolate milk is the PURRFECT recovery drink :-)