Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday night quick hit

Christmas decorations... good grief! Up to the attic, down from the attic...repeat this many times.
I have to admit though, Terri has the house looking all cherry and festive!

Headed out on a training ride this afternoon and got bored on the river so I was going to ride on out to Scott or England since there was no wind! As I was heading out that way I spotted a group of cyclists and just as I was catching them they pulled over. I figured it was a flat or something but it turned out to be the mayor of North Little Rock (yes, he rides) as well as Rob, Charlie, Kenny, Tom and one other guy whose name is slipping my memory at the moment. I'll think of it about 2am. They were looking at new bike routes and boy did they come upon a GREAT one! There was a rode I've never seen before and have gone past it a million times. It was a great social ride for the reminder of the afternoon. By when that sun started setting the temp really dropped.

I stopped over at church and did a quick run through with Greg for tomorrow. WOW!!! You should see the auditorium!!! It's beautiful. We start a new series tomorrow called Joy to the World and each week is a different Joy. Nice to have a whole month of happy stuff. We have some great video coming through...starting tomorrow.

Hope to get out and ride tomorrow afternoon then it's back to the real diet come Monday. These holidays may be a bit tough on the diet plan.

Life is good... when you ride new places with new friends!

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