Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Awesome nights of training

The past couple of nights have been kicking for the training!

I rode up tempo and did hill repeats. It was really funny because I rode up behind a group of folks and then down and then as I was climbing again that group was coming down and on the switchback I heard someone say, "Whoa thatguy's climbing it again!" It was my 4th repeat climb and it was just what I needed to hear. I gave me a little extra push. Well that and U2 and Green Day singing "Saints" piped straight in to my hearing aid. Love that song!

I rode on out to the park and climbed the backside. I was feeling really good out there! I rolled into the back of the Nitro group. These guys are screaming fast racers. You know those guys who can change clothes and ride with no hands. These guys are so good they could probably make a loaf of bread while riding. Anyway I snuck on to the back and rode along a little while.

Headed over to the bridge and met up with Moondawg , JMar, Jenn, Mike Moore, Charlie and a dozen others. Great group. It's the band of heathens I used to ride with all the time. Fun crowd.

Sun started to go down so I rode back to my car and got to see a beautiful orange and pink sunset. Man, I love it when I time it just right to catch those.

Funny: I put too much tape on the cochlear implant again and the thing was glued to my head! When will I learn? Yeah, you're right... probably never!

Tonight's ride was up tempo and a bit of climbing. Lots of folks out. I got smoked like tuna by a guy on a tri-bike. Man that guy was moving!

Well thanks for stopping by and hanging out a few. More fun stuff coming up.

Life is good!

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Wes said...

Good stuff Geo! You are a hill climbing legend!! Why don't you just have that thing attached permanently? Maybe a screw or something! :-) I kid!!! I kid!!!