I can hardly concentrate this afternoon! Taking a break for a moment and answering the flood of emails coming in. I’ve got my office windows cracked a bit and the air is that of late spring. You, know the kind that makes to crazy to get off from work and go play. I’ll be hitting the trail around 5:30 until dark. With the house semi quite this week, not much else to do but ride.

Here’s a few questions that have popped up…

  • Is it just you riding or are others riding? There are others. A lot of others for the evening.
  • Is it for anyone that wants to enter? Yes, we will be riding slow due to the length of the ride.
  • If it is open to anyone, could I ride a little one day then go sleep ride some more then go to work then ride some more? You bet. Several folks are.
  • I see the $20 donation for the adult, is that for the 24 hours? The donation is for any amount of riding.
  • What are the dates / times for the event? Thursday, April 30th at 9am until Friday, May 1stat 9am. Starts at the main entrance of ACH.

There is more info on www.archildrens,org. Just click the Gears for Ears logo.

Thanks everyone! This is getting bigger and bigger and it’s ALL for the kids over here at ACH!

Life is good!