Thursday, April 02, 2009

Thursday 04 02 09

Took a couple of days off the bike to rest the poor climbing legs. No now don't start in on me until you hear the rest of it. I will be on the bike for 12 hours this Saturday. Yes, 7am to 7pm will be training riding. I will have to tell myself over and over not to try and ride fast but ride long.

Here's the plan for the next weeks:
Saturday - 4-4-09 -
Ride at river where the 24 hour rid will actually take place from 7a to 7p. Will ride with Carti ride at 9a for some company but must ride slow. Should see my first century (100 miler) of the year.

Sunday - 4-5-09 -
Church then the afternoon will be on the bike. Should have 18 hours combined riding by Sunday afternoon.

Monday 4-6-09 -
After work recovery easy ride for an hour or two.

Tuesday 4-7-09
After work ride. Meet up with Fast Girls Slow Guys club. We'll see how the legs are doing.

Wednesday 4-8-09
Off the bike

Thursday 4-9-09
After work easy ride due to long ride coming up.

Friday 4-10-09
Night ride. This is going to see what it will be like to be exhausted and ride at night. Pray I don't hit deer or skunks!

Saturday 4-11-09
Recover from wild night before.

Sunday - church and ride
Monday - after work ride
Tuesday - Club ride
Wednesday - off
Thursday - Club ride
Friday - chill out
Saturday 4-18-09 --- Up to Jonesboro for the Race for the Cure bike ride. 50 miler tapper ride.

Monday - after work ride
Tuesday - Club ride
Wednesday - off
Thursday - Club ride (In Studio visit at POINT 94.1 FM at 8am central -- listen online!)
Friday - chill out
Saturday - 4-25-09 -- Cheer on the folks riding the Tour de Cure. Just ride a while for fun. Then tell the river goodbye for a few days.

Monday - Wednesday -- just basic getting ready stuff.

Thursday -- APRIL 30th -- 9am --- start riding and having fun with friends.
6pm - be at Murray Park for the Hands and Voices picnic.
Make it through the night with Moondawg, Chris and Robb. Can't think of a better group to hang with all night. Going to be a trip! These guys crack me up!

Watch a beautiful sunrise I hope!

May 1st, 9am --- roll in and celebrate another success for kids with hearing problems!

So there you have it! You want to donate now don't you? Well here is the web address. It's all tax deductible and it ALL goes to the kids... all of it!

Tell all your friends! Push for a big number this year! Help me get there!

Life is good!!

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