Monday, July 24, 2006

81 degrees and tons of bike

We are have some nice weather right now and nobody is complaining! Last week I was riding with bank displaying 105-109 and this afternoon is was displaying 81. This morning I drove to the office with the windows down and loving it. I wished I didn't have to do the presentation this morning or I might have been (cough cough) tempted (hacking cough) to call (making myself sound sick) in. Tomorrow morning is supposed to be 65! Enjoy it while we can.

I took a ride down and back 2 times on the river trail for 30 miles. Lots of folks out riding. Saw friends and stopped and talked to folks here and there. I did see one nasty accident scene just after it happened. Going up the curvey hill a guy went off the path and his road bike hit the gravel and he hit the pavement. He had a nice stream of blood running down his arm. He had freinds with him and I stopped to check to be sure he was ok. He would be. It was probably his first real crash and that's always a shocker. Just as I got out of the shower Terri got home and had Friday's Pecan Crusted Chicken salad for me. Oh man, if you've not had one you're missing out!

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