Thursday, July 27, 2006

Landis busted and it's raining too

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about 30 emails in a matter of minutes because "sample A" tested positive on Floyd Landis for higher level of testosterone. He will make them check "Sample B" now. Come on Floyd don't do this to us. We all have these cool looking GO PHLOYD Phonak t-shirts. Don't make us use them as car wash rags.

It's also raining and will probably rain off and on until tomorrow. That will make me 3 days off the bike. At least the legs will be fresh for the weekend rides. There is a ride starting Sunday morning and will conquer 3 mountains. Real big hills I tell ya. I'm wanting to try that really bad.

I also have a chore list that seems to be growing by the day so I've got to get it done before I go play.

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