Friday, July 28, 2006

The Big D-Bridge

Yes, it's the big bridge that goes over Murry Lock and Dam. It's really called the big dam bridge. I know, I know but that's what they called it.

Well it's Friday night and Terri and Emily have gone over to shop a moment. Terri and I both had a good day at our workplaces so we were in the mood to go run around. We headed over to Corky's BBQ for dinner and Emily and Sean met us there. It was Ok but nothing really to write about. I won't go into all the details but I'll just say we won't be going back at lease for a while.

After we ate Emily went to Sean's so he could play his video game. I suspect this won't last a lot longer before she tells him she's not going to sit there every night while he plays his game. She's just not someone who would take that for very long. So she met Terri back here and they went shopping. I also told Sean at dinner tonight that he needed to take make arrangements to take his dog home. It's just too much to have 2 dogs and Max growls at Sadie all the time. This isn't what we were expecting when we got a dog, let alone another dog (boyfriend's dog). Maybe I would see it in a different light if Sean helped with him a lot more but it's sort of like a divorce dad set up. You know, see them a little, help just enough. We've paid for all the dog food that I know of, Emily cleans the backyard and gets up with them at night or early morning. It's just not a good thing so some changes are coming. Max is a good dog if it were just him but he is terriorial and that's a problem.

Ok back to good stuff.... so Terri and I went to Home Depot and they had throw rugs for 99 cents so Terri had to nab a couple. I picked up a new air conditioner filter and light bulbs for the lights by the garage. Oh man, I forgot garage door opener batteries! Crud!

We then went to Barnes and Noble and I got a Java Chip Frapp and we sat in the cafe (all the good lounge chairs were taken) and read books. Terri bought hers. I picked up a book I started at the Barnes and Noble in Denver back in December and even found the chapter I ended on. Terri told me she would buy it for me but I said it would ruin it because I was going to keeping picking that same book up and read the next chapter the next time I'm in a Barnes and Noble. Since we might go down to the beach for the Labor Day weekend then I might pick it up in Destin and read somemore. Maybe i'll finish it in a few years. Fuuny, quirky little adventure with a book huh?!

After our date we returned home and Em pulled up right after us and her and Terri are shopping at whatever stores stay open after 9pm. I did get to catch a little of the Larry King Live with Floyd Landis. He's innocent and they'll prove it. Just watch and mark my words.

Am I riding tomorrow? You bet but not sure when and where. It will be in the morning and it will be sticky humid. right now it's 85 outside with 77% humidity so the heat index is 95 at 9:45pm. I walked outside while ago and I beleive it. Yuck.

Y'all have a great weekend!

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