Thursday, July 20, 2006

Enjoy the picture show!

Birthday girl Jenn Shaw reacts to a card she got.

Fearless (and I do mean fearless) Leader Yale

Matthew came out in the 105 degree heat to hang for a bit. You're looking great Matt!

JBar gives a paceline safety talk. He had sent us all a link to some great paceline safety tips.

Our newest yellow jersey man, Braxton Funk! Way to go Brax Man! Welcome to the club. Not only did he get the yellow jersey he got the podium girl treatment. Every young boys dream! HA!

Fast Girls and Slow Guys Club

It's sort of like when they say, "Gentleman start your engines."

Stop at the top of Ft Roots to regroup. We sort of got run out of Ft Roots since they close the gates at 6:30 now.

Mountain man Rob Ayers

Woohoo! All the young uns flying around the switchback.

Rob wondering what the heck Jo is doing heading up the hill. Well truth be told... she had already been down and was heading up again! Yep, she is one of the fast girls!

Yale climbing our local Alp de Huz

Just a cool shot of the city skyline on our climbing route.

And ya see who is leading the pack down the hill. ShawDawg. Serious this is one of the only action shots I've gotten of him this season.

Go Patrick! Let 'er rip!

Mike Mitchell gets ready to tuck down and fly.

As the group was flying down the hill Diane was coming up. She was training on a different ride. Yep, this is JBar's wife. If y'all haven't met her she's really nice.

Well tonight was picture night and I spent more time trying to get in a good place to take pictures then riding. I actually cut the ride short to get back to a good place to get the front group climbing but oh no... They actually caught me and passed me before I could get into place. The skill/fitness level of our club is so awesome this year. I find myself dropping of the back all the time but I still will ride with them. I'm out there to have fun and keep my old self in as good of shape as I can.

Ok, yes I also cut my ride short and drove like the house was on fire to get home and see todays stage of the Tour de France. John had emailed a teaser and said the stage was the best ever. I said so Lance got ticked and jumped out of the car and started racing again. He said, "I'd believe that before I would have beleived what I saw today." Oh baby, it was soooo good! Terri can't watch suspenseful things on TV. She has to get up and leave the room. I was getting that way tonight as I watched. I kept catching myself holding my breath! I'm not making it up.

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