Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Cream horns and a 6 DVD set

I'm confessing, I'm not going to lose the weight I want to lose before HH100. I was given a box of fudge made by my daughter's boss today. I could have eaten the whole thing. I had tacos for dinner then vanilla cappo and a cream horn. PLUS... the Next Generation 6 DVD box set was in my mail box. ( It's the story of the north Arkansas Champion Cycling team. 30 races. Parts of it are really quirky like the 2 girls that are the commentators have the last names of Liggett and Roll. They read the script cards that are over the camera so they are not looking at the viewer but... if you can get through that part seeing a lot of familiar faces racing on TV (such as Hunter East of CARVE who attacks and wins the race... classic East style) is really pretty cool. And there is a Wichita, KS race and at the end there is a guy standing on the road as the riders come through and the wind has got to be at least least. His clothes were flapping so hard. I watched the first two and it's sort of like watch the Tour de France as in you know you need to get up and do something but you can't stop watching. I hope these guys continue to make DVD's like this.

When I sat down on the sofa after dinner my wife and daughter just sat there and stared at me for a minute and finally Emmy Say, "Dad? Are you not riding?" I said, "No. I know, it's been 2 days now." Hey, I might as well have said, "Gibb-a-di-dookie-do-dah" from the look I got. They seemed to think I'd lost my mind. Oh well, if it's not raining tomorrow after work then I'll be out there.

My neice and her husband have picked names for their wins. Keaton Gardner Halford and Elliot Emery Halford. Very cool classic names. I really wanted them to name them something like Meryan and Rylissa.

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