Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Sunday

It's early Easter Sunday and terri and Emmy are still asleep. I was hoping for a sunny Sunday morning but we got the clouds this morning but at least no rain and no cold temps. Seems the past couple of Easter have been cold and rainy. I flipped on the tv to see the weather and the sunrise Easter service was being shown live down at the riverfront. It's packed! I remember how sad it was last year with the cold and rain. Seems like just a few were there and this year it's over flowing.

I rode yesterday from Brent's house out in west LR at The Ranch. There were a good group of us and we headed out. We set up well in a paceline right off the bat and rode out to a place I knew a lot of cyclist go but I've never been there. Hwy 9 and then Hwy 10. Brent broke a spoke which sidelined him and he had to get a shuttle back in. 2 others returned with him. The wind was either straight at us or pushing to the side. When I got home I saw on the Weather Channel that it was 16 with 25mph gust. I was glad I didn't have that in my mind the whole ride. The ride ended with 4 of us completing. Rob, Christopher, Rebecca and myself.

I began to hurt when I had about 75% of the ride completed. It was behind my left knee. Not a real hurt but a pesty one. I pushed it out of my mind and rode on. It wasn't until I got in the car that it really started to make a scene but again I pushed it back and drove on home. I got to the house and opened the car door and stepped out and thought I wa going to do a face plant on the driveway. It was weird like my leg wasn't even there. I steadied myself and hobbled in. I did my best not to make it look like it hurt and boy did it ever. What's with this? Anyway, I didn't get to finish the chores I was planning to knock out.

We had a family dinner last night and I don't really know what it is about having us all (kids and dates) at the table in a casual dinner but it just always brings me a very good sense of happiness. Terri made grilled steak kabobs and chicken, rolls, homecut fries and warm brownies for dessert. We laughed and had a great time. We had Tyler eat on the "red plate" since he got a job he loves.

Later this morning we will all sit together in church and then go to the park to meet the rest of my family for a picnic lunch. I'm looking forward to it.

By the way, the leg feels fine this morning!

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