Friday, April 28, 2006

No it ain't!

Ok, I was wrong. Toad Suck Daze is next weekend and boy am I glad because we have 100% chance of rain tomorrow. But the Toad Suck bike ride is tomorrow. Erik says the ride will go on unless it's really bad and then it will be rescheduled for Sunday at 1:30. I'm hoping for the Sunday at 1:30 version!

Can you believe it's a Friday night and I'm blogging. Oh man, I've got to get a life! I got home and Terri and Emmy had gone to see the high school Sr prom presenting. I cleaned the house and knocked out my chores so I wouldn't have to do them tomorrow. Now if it's raining all day then I'll go nuts because I've already done them.

Terri was coming home from a business trip to MO last night and a truck threw a rock and bashed the windshield of the Explorer. And of course Emmy is supposed to go take her drivers test next week. Terri is getting the side mirror fixed that she broke when she hit the garage door last summer while I was out on my bike tour. It'll cost $140.

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