Saturday, April 29, 2006

Saturday morning blues

I woke this morning and stumbled into the shower around 6:15. I walk into the den and look out the window at a DRY deck!! WHA?! It was supposed to be raining and I've now over slept and I need to be at the caravan start point at 7 and I didn't eat dinner last night for a bike ride today and I haven't eaten breakfast or gotten my gear together or put my bike in the car or anything. Oh man!!! I'm completely bummed out!

So I flipped on the TV to see the weather and sure enough the rain is here but not in Sherwood yet. There is a yellow blob where the ride is supposed to start so my fingers are crossed that it's postponed until tomorrow at 1:30. It's now 8:15 and there it's rained a couple of times here already and the wind is gusting around 20 mph. Not a perfect day to ride. I checked the website for The Ride (bike shop) and it's posted that the event is still on. I suspect the crew is out on the course debating it. It was supposed to start at 8.

I had to let Saydee and Max in just as the rain started and they stink! Out to play in he garage for you!

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