Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Toad Suck Daze is this weekend!

Toad Suck Daze http://www.toadsuck.org/index.asp is this weekend! Yes, it's really the name of one of the best Arkansas festives around! The legend has that the sailors would get off the bardges and drink at I local tavern to the point that they would swell up like toads! Everything at the festive is frogs! This year marks their 25th year! Congrats Conway!

That have a ride called the Tour de Toad and a lot of folks from the Little Rock area are heading up to ride.

I'm heading to Conway tomorrow morning to a great bike shop called The Ride and get my bike fitted. Something has changed and I am having some pain behind my left knee about about 30 miles. I've had the bike and this set up for 2 years but I'm thinking maybe the seat has moved back a tad. Anyway, Erik is going to put me on the trainer and get my set up corrected. Then I'll be able to ride this weekend with the big Toads!

Big rain came through early this morning and caused all sorts of traffic jams. As I look out my window it appears to be turning blue skies! Means I can ride tonight with the group. Sad thing is that the gas prices have split the group. Several live on the Little Rock side of the river and they are going to ride over there and some, like myself, live on the north side so we'll continue our rides. Last week there was a wreck and many were in traffic a while and it just made them realize they are driving quite a bit rather than getting to ride. It will look like the movie Braveheart if we are going over the Broadway bridge to LR and they are coming over to NLR.

One other thing... they have finalized the Arky 100 ride for this fall. October 1st they will have the official grand opening of the bike bridge. This will be a big event!

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