Friday, May 26, 2006


This is where bikes go to die. It's the side lot at the Bike Doctor in Benton.

Officer Scott showing proper bike handling during the bike Rodeo.

Jenn Shaw had to make sure Office Scott's bike alterations were correct.

One of the courses used to check bike skills

Jenn and Monty adjust the new helmet for the rider.

Officer Scott and the safest bike riders in Benton

A good Friday! The office was very quite and I left a little after 3 so I could get down to Benton and work with our ACH Community Outreach and BACA to put on a bike rodeo. Sad to say there were only 3 kids but to see how just a short time with them improved their riding skills a lot. We gave them new helmets, checked tires, brakes, adjusted seats and these kids did great. If we helped them to enjoy their bikes that much more then it was worth it!

Tomorrow morning I'll head over to Lake Sylvia to ride a 60 mile ride. It's the Fast Girls and Slow Guys club. We'll get to climb 3 mountains and maybe picnic and swim afterwards. Come to think of it, where's my swim trunks?

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