Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sunday stuff

Just a quick hit...

Spent the afternoon yesterday in Benton. Everyone doing well. Dad in good spirits.

Terri thought her flight from St Paul was from 9:30 this morning and when she called the shuttle to reserve a spot she realized it was for 9:30 pm. She caught an earlier flight and has been picked up by Sean and Emmy for an 8:30 arrival. Bet she's going to be tired.

Went to church. It was good.

Went to Friday's with Emmy for lunch. It was good. Had Pecan crusted chicken salad.

Went to train solo thi afternoon. Saw lots of bud's but needed to do my own thing. Repeats of Ft Roots and the goal was to stay in the big ring. Mission accomplished.

One of my departments I recruit for, Transport, just moved out of their old stand alone building to their new offices across the street. The old building caught fire yesterday and burned down. No one hurt.

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