Saturday, May 06, 2006

Now with even more photos!!

Photo's from today's ride to Wye Mountian.

Top left: I actually have a photo on my old blog for the first annual Flood Gate Fish Fry. Notice "Anual"? Last year's sign said by "invatation" only. Maybe someday I'll go to this party since I misspell as many words as they do! HA!

Top center: I rode passed this sign and it was one of those moments where you think, "Did I just read that right?" I even saw the jackass and he saw me. He was grazing and looked up, sighed and thought, "Another cyclist, big whoop! Not worth attacking!" Then went back to chewing on the grass.

Bottom photo: It's a cow gate but I guess the cows kept going through until the owner put these giant worms on gate.

As you see I got a new digital camera from Tyler, my son, for my birthday and was really excitied! I had been wanting one of my own that I could slip in my jersey pocket to take photos of rides. I used it today on a ride for the first time and forgot how much I enjoyed the "touring" style of rides rather than the fast and furious.

The photo I really wanted was the chickens on the tampoline! Serious! There was a trailer and a trampoline out in the yard and the chickens were all just sitting on it watching the bikes ride by. When I came back by I was solo and there were little boys playing in the yard and the chickens were still there but didn't feel right taking the photo then.

I rode from the bottom of Pinnacle Mountain over Wye Mountain. The Carve elite team was out training and blew by me but not without giving me the be howdy. I rode on to Hwy 10 then it began to rain on top of the mountain and I knew I could get back faster if I backtracked so I did. I rode in the rain for about 5-10 minutes then just a sprinkle here and there. I never dropped to my low gears climbing the mountain which was my goal for the day.

Taking my time and enjoying the surroundings is what make the ride a true adventure!

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