Friday, August 10, 2007

Like Pair-rez always says, "Oh that's hot!"

Hot hot hot. Yep, it's triple X Hot and sweaty and.... never mind! It's 103 (That's the triple XXX -- three digits) for tomorrow then then we have 102 for the rest of the 7 days and the icon is this funky orange hazing looking thing that looks like LA.

(Note to Boomer: Man, I feel like the squirrel some days too! HA! You're blog has gotten so funny lately... keep it going! Driving Lindsey to rehab... LOL!!)

The half Ironman is next weekend in Arkadelphia. I hope to go cheer on the gang! I plan to do some "road text messaging" if I get down there. I really want to get there early enough to draw a picture on the road instead of just writing.

DWonn and MaryAnn are doing their KY (full) Ironman training tomorrow. There may be some others training it with them but I don't know them. I saw a 6a.m. swim on the schedule for this morning. I think tomorrow has a 2 lap 56 mile course with an hour run afterwards. Crazy stuff.

I'm still be asked what I'm going to do next year. The answer, just event rides and regular guy rides. Am I riding for the hospital as a fundraiser? I doubt it. It takes so much work and time plus I was blocked from so many accounts that I had for the first ride but another hospital group is working them for another event. It's a soapbox thing so I'll stop here.

OK, it's the weekend so I think I'll rid as early as I can get out in the morning. I mean it's going to be 100 by noon.

Here's a laugh for you. They are doing major construction around the hospital for the next 10 years and they've had to reroute traffic. Look at this map they sent out this afternoon!! Our hospital is so big that folks are lost in K-Mart during a blue light special but this is over the edge! It looks like one of those Family Circus cartoons where Billy walks to school. I promise I did not alter this in any way.

Well y'all have a dandy weekend in!


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