Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday lunchtime quick hit --- IRONMAN KENTUCKY

Here's a rundown of the folks from AR heading to Ironman this weekend!

454 Darnall Tyler M25-29 Rogers AR
1905 Theriot Beau M25-29 Conway AR
1970 Vandiver Nathan M25-29 Conway AR
884 Herget Ted M30-34 Jonesboro AR
1406 Newberry James M30-34 Jonesboro AR
2067 Williams John M30-34 Fayetteville AR
152 Beard Donald M35-39 Rogers AR
970 Irvin Drew M35-39 Little Rock AR
1615 Reynolds Chris M35-39 Hot Springs AR
1738 Schmidt Ron M35-39 Fayetteville AR
1880 Suminski Michael M35-39 Jonesboro AR
2118 Young IV Joe M35-39 Jonesboro AR
757 Golden Christopher M40-44 Bentonville AR
1846 Starr Don M40-44 Conway AR
2061 Williams Ken M40-44 Springdale AR
77 Angel Michael M45-49 Conway AR
281 Bryant Barry M45-49 Fouke AR
655 Ford Paul M45-49 Jonesboro AR
2098 Wonn David M50-54 North Little Rock AR
166 Bender Heather W18-24 Cabot AR
1480 Park Marianne W40-44 Cabot AR

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Melissa Halford said...

Would you believe Tyler Darnall is a good friend of ours! This is his first Ironman and he is so pumped about it. We have a website with his number to follow him through the race this weekend. I can't wait to see how he does. I can't even fathom doing that...two hour spin class did me in!