Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ok, someone spit!

Aww right now! Someone spit and called it rain! I did rain at my office for about 5 minutes. Became hot and humid after that. I had a meeting in the main hospital so I had to walk across the parking lot and even with 12 ozs of hair gel in my hair, it still fell! HA! Still no rain at the homefront. Maybe during the night.

I am having lunch tomorrow with our pastor and I'm going to go out on a limb and make a gutsy move. I'm going to ask for the media part of our church services. I have done a couple of marketing type things and have gotten a huge response. So I'm hoping I'm seeing this right and going after my "calling". There are so many cool things we can do at our church and I want to be on the forefront of those helping make those changes. I am putting together a media event for our teens for Oct and I'm so excited about it. The video part opens with a jet flying in over head and the noise level will crank to full on loud with a lot of bass pull. I did a teaser type email and sent it to several folks to get their feel and it was 100% thumbs up! Yeah! It's not a huge change but it's a lot more contemporary than what we are currently doing. One of the kids made a remark about when church sings some of "their" songs. I feel changes comin' on! If we don't market church to teens and young adults then we'll lose them so we'll crank it up a notch and meet 'em on their level. We'll see. Cross your fingers.

The bike?? Well, I haven't been on it lately. Sad I know. I'll be out there maybe tomorrow afternoon and then on Saturday for sure. Plan to try for a Sunday afternoon ride and a Monday morning ride. Need to wake those legs up for the MS150 next weekend. I'm going to ride the Saturday part. I have a whole list of things to "road text message" this year. Lisa, the organizer asked me to do something at the event but I'll keep quite until after I do it. My friends at the ride are going to crack up.

Weekend is getting here by the minute! Whoo Hooo!!

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