Thursday, August 16, 2007

My worst nightmare came true!

Oh man, y'all ain't gonna believe this!! My worse nightmare came true! I went to work in my boxers and no one even noticed. My that was because everyone else was in theirs as well!

Yeah baby, the heat wave continues but might have a break this weekend thanks to the possible shot of rains coming up from the tropical storm in Texas. First day of school on Monday may be a cool and brisk 96 degrees.

I'm hearing the 10 day forecast for the Hotter'n'Hell 100 next weekend in Texas is 88 degrees. Wha??? 88??? Last year when I rode it was 188. That's right, one-hundred-eighty-eight! Guys were stopping on the side of the road and just hanging over their bikes. Every now and then you'd see a bike just abandoned on the side of the road and no one in sight. Made one wonder if the rabid arm-ah-dillo's kidnapped them. Ok, truth be told... I'm sort of feeling left out since I'm not going.

Hey when I finish this you know want I'm going to do? Log in and make my LAST car payment! I will have no more car payments at all! Now if I can just pay off the house right quick! It's been a long time since I've gone into the no car payment club. I will get to enjoy it until May when I'll let Em get a new(er) car. Probably another Honda Accord that will last her through college.

One other thing... a guy slit his wrist and jumped off the bridge down onto the interstate right in front of the hospital yesterday.... and lived! OK, humor me here. I don't think it was his time to go. Know what I mean? You don't try to kill yourself times two and live through it. I was wondering today... what was the purpose of this? Where did it fit in with "the" plan? Who did it affect? Good or bad. By the way, when he flipped off the bridge he misjudged a tad and landed on the shoulder of the road rather than in the lane of oncoming traffic. Really a sad scene.

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Wes said...

At least he jumped and didn't hang there and hold up traffic for ours. That's pretty sad when you can't even kill yourself right. It's hard to judge somebody when you don't know their history.

Thinking about you in your boxers is traumatizing me. I have to go now. Send cool weather our way when you are done with it, K?