Saturday, February 09, 2008

The big secret

Don't you hate it when you have to keep a big secret and keep quite a week? We had to do that this week. Emmy found a car she fell in love with on Sunday while we were out looking. The car lot was closed so no chance of a test drive. On Monday I drove over to the lot during lunch and drove it, looked it over, talked price and bought it. The hard part was that when I walked back into my office Emmy called and asked if we could go test drive the car. I told her," Oh I'm sorry sweetie but they have aleady taken it off the lot. Someone bought it." I didn't lie... they had taken it off the lot and someone had bought! I could really hear the diappointment in her voice. She looked for others on line all week and I told her we could go looking today after her ACT test. Little did she know! HA!

Then we had to wait until today to give it to her. She had ACT test and we knew she would not continue to study if we gave it to her before. The orignal plan was to give it to her next Sunday when she returns from a trip but she isn't supposed to get in until about 8 so she would only have 2 hours of night time driving. Today was a beautiful day here with temps in the low 60's so it was the perfect day to give our daughter her Honda Accord. It's a used one but looks close to showroom nice and is loaded to to brim with leather, sunroof, seat warmers, etc etc.

So Terri and I drove over to the lot this morning and brought it back to the house and parked it crooked in the drive and a coworker had made a big red bow for it. It was really funny because neighbors would drive by and slow way down to see who was getting the new car. Emmy was just about a couple miles down the road at school and I called and left her a voice mail telling her that I was running errands and to call me. It was really just to find out where she was so we could watch for her....

She came down our street then she totally malfunctioned. She was driving 2 mph and looking at us then she stopped IN THE ROAD and got out. She was freaking out. We laughed and laughed. She was not expecting it at all. She was shaking and laughing and kept saying over and over, "I don't know what to do". It was a classic moment that will be in our memory forever.

After a little while I told her and Ty to take off and go for a drive. It was nice knowing her big brother was with her for the maiden journey. She came back and we all hung out a bit then off she went with her pal Melissa. Sean her friend who happens to be a boy was a complete jerk to her. He was saying now that she got a new phone and now that she got a new car to match (I kid you not... both a black pearl) and she is tanning so now guys will start hitting on her. The way he has treated her the past months... I don't mind if they part ways. He is a good kid but just not to her. Just watching out for my girl!

On a lighter note, I did get to go for a ride today! Short sleeve jersey and shorts! Had a BLAST! Lots and lots of runners and cyclist and tons of families. We had an awesome wind. Well awesome going one way but not the other. There were several families that had riden with tail wind for a long time then when it was time to go back they had to fight the headwind. Kids don't usually do really well in that stuff.
WOW! What a great day!!


Abbie said...

What a dad! :) She looks over the moon!

Wes said...

Awesome! Will you be my Dad! (just till I get a new car ;-)