Thursday, January 31, 2008

Missed us again

The winter storm missed us again. Drats! I was sort of in the mood for the landscape to be covered in whipped cream today.
Speaking of whipped cream... I had my fitness assessment today and fat boy here has got to lay of the whipped cream and everything else for that matter. It was really sad folks... really sad!
Last night at spin I was sweating like a pig in Helena in August. But then the class was upped a notch too. there is a drill they we do that has always blown me and that's a sit sprint, then stand recovery for 1 minute then a stand sprint then a sit recovery for one minute then repeat. That is followed by as much tension as you can handle and still make the pedal turn. To me it feels like sprint then climb Overlook (the road that goes up from the Big Bridge to the Heights). The drill makes me HATE chocalte, Coke and doritos! HA!
I have to give credit where credit is due... You know that theory of the blood flow, oxygen and my bike riding causing me to hear better? Dr. Jordan King, my Audiologist guru came up with that. She'll end up rich dicovering my syndrome! HA! No really, she is smart as it gets. Glad she is the one who cranked my CI.
Life is good!

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Wes said...

When you mentioned whipped cream, I thought we were going to get something raunchy :-)